Child GPS tracker shoe: We are the modified version of our ancestors but are we taking this seriously? No, not really, with the growing number of accidents and crimes it feels that this modification is a full waste. But once you are in the race, you have to run. Hence, survival skills and safety measures are to be taken in which parenting plays a vital role in inculcating life skills in their child. The total information on GPS trackers for kids shoes.

GPS trackers for kids shoes
GPS trackers for kids shoes


Parenting, as soon as we hear this word, we think of a man, a woman, and a child but parenting is much greater than this. Parenting is not everyone’s cup of tea, you need to keep a sharp eye on your child all day long . Newspapers today hold at least 4 to 5 cases of child kidnapping every day. Well this holds the breathe of parents and they
search out every possible safety stuffs for their child. Thanks to GPS technology which plays a key role in kids safety now-a-days. Again the next question arises is that which GPS tracker should we go for? A wrist watch or a tracker in wristwatch they good enough in giving accurate location? Well, to answer these questions

GPS trackers for kids shoes
GPS trackers for kids shoes

List Of GPS trackers for kids shoes

I have shorted out top 10 GPS trackers for kids shoes, the list goes like this
• Angel Sense kids GPS tracker
• Kids GPS tracker
• Weenect kids GPS child tracker
• Amber Alert GPS locator
• Trax Play GPS tracker
• Tigertech Smart GPS tracker kit
• Realtime GPS tracker
• Pocket finder
• My buddy tag
• LG GizmoPal 2

Advantages of GPS trackers for kids shoes

Now it’s quite obvious that one will think that how one has sorted down these 10 trackers, on what basis? Well I shortlisted the Top GPS trackers for kids shoes on below listed basis

1. Easy to use
2. Battery life
3. Accuracy
4. Water resistance
5. Durability
6. Range
7. Panic button
8. Comfort
9. Price

Benefits Of GPS trackers for kids shoes

child gps tracker shoe Benefits. Children are not so mature enough to understand everything around them, so the GPS tracker must be a device which is easy to use. One can get numerous trackers in the market but not all are easy to handle for your little kid. Secondly, battery, if a tracker gets discharged within few hours, then it is totally of no use. The battery must be at least of 12 hours so that one can rest assure that the tracker is not going to sleep down before your child returns home. Again children are naughty enough to convert the whole GPS setup into waste. They can jump into a water pool and can make the tracker inactive. But what if the tracker in the shoe is water resistance. Yes, you got it right, it will enhance the durability is less and the chance of tracker getting damaged.

Future GPS trackers for kids shoes Updated

Next comes range, what if I say that your tracker just tracks for few meters, you won’t believe. There is practically no use of a GPS tracker which tracks for few meters. The above-listed trackers are all of the very good ranges and can track even some serious longer distances. Have you ever imagined that what if your child is in danger and you even has the location but you are busy watching your favorite TV show? The tracker again will be of no use if it is not able to inform you the problem at right time. This suggests the tracker really should hold a panic button so that you get informed about the incident as soon as it takes place. Comfort plays a vital role in once life , almost whole of our life we run behind comfort. So, the tracker which your child wears should seriously be comfortable. Lastly comes the price, which is quite important but not more than your child’s safety. So parents can manage with the money but why not opt for a budget GPS tracker if Are you getting all the best specifications in it ?

Final words of GPS trackers for kids shoes

GPS trackers have changed the way of living and thinking about the safety of child but still, there are far more ways to make your child’s life happier and safer. According to me if one is blessed with a child put your whole heart in the child as every child is a messenger of God and what’s more beautiful than the fact that you have a GOD living with you in your home.

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