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Office in a networked model.

Deep reduction of the cost of a traditional office lease.

Up to 80% savings.

The time for changes has come. The time for fast changes.

The era of working only in traditional offline offices has gone forever. Work has shifted to the online world, partially or completely. This is done.

Now the time has come for work places.

Costly, long-term lease of office premises in office buildings linked with working offline has lost it sense. There are now a new forms of organizing work places, adjusted to online or online+offline models of work. These work places operate as if they were built from blocks and consist of three types of properties:

Head office

leased, in the city prestigious location creating a company image

Home office

owned, implemented in the staff member residence

Satellite office

leased, located near the staff member residence

These work places in various real estate locations are then integrated using business internet communicators. That is how a virtual office is created, which allows remote work in line with Office 123 concept, i.e. an office in a networked model.

This model allows for flexible selection of work places and also enables a radical reduction in the costs of traditional offices lease giving up to 80% savings.

Office 123 means three types of property ready for arrangement according to the Client needs

Head office


office building, high standard, class A or B+, image, work place distant from the staff member residences


for whom:

executives, key managers, clients

Home office


separate room for office work, the same work place as place of residence of the staff members

for whom:

employees with separate office rooms in their residences

Satellite office


office building, lower standard, class B or C, work place near the staff members residences


for whom:

employees without separate office rooms in their residences

Office scheme before the change

Office scheme after the change
(online+offline or online)

Our services


Real estate agency services related to offices in a networked model composed of the three types of properties: head office, home office and satellite office

arrangements regarding the type, size and location of properties sought, virtual presentations of selected properties, arrangements regarding interior design and technical matters, conclusion of lease agreements.

Installation of business internet communicators and their integration to link the users of the above three types of properties, turning them into the one networked office

selection, installation, integration and servicing of the internet communicators.

Moving services between the users of above three types of properties


Legal representation during renegotiations of current lease contracts

concerning a reduction of leased space in present traditional offices, and/or reducing the lease period of these offices

Property management services provided in full scope to the networked offices throughout their period of use


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We are family owned company with 25-years of experience in providing lease and management services related to our own and entrusted properties, and also with 5-years of experience in providing online b2b services.

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